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1. Dehumidification capacity: The household dehumidifier has a 1200ml water tank, which can store 1200ml of water.

2. Automatic shutdown when full water: The household dehumidifier has an intelligent automatic shutdown function, it will automatically shut down when full water.

3. Timing: This smart home dehumidifier also supports the timing function, which can perform 24-hour timing digital display.

4. Air dehumidification: In the tide weather, using this convenient household dehumidifier can instantly make the air in your home less dry.

5. Prevent furniture from being moldy: This dehumidifier can keep the air dry, so you no longer worry about furniture moldy.


Convenient household dehumidifier is suitable for toilet, living room, bathroom, kitchen, dehumidify your air.


Timing: 24h

Power: 25w

Display: LCD

Water tank: 2500ml

Size: 240*130*360mm

Color: white

Purpose: Dehumidification

Noise: 20-40db

Dehumidification capacity: 300-400 ML/D

Package Included:

1* Household dehumidifier (button type)  OR  1* Household dehumidifier (remote type)

1. Please allow 0-1 inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from real object.

Mini Moisture Absorbent Dehumidifier USB Silica Home Air Dryer Silent Small Air Dehumidifiers For Bathroom Office Car

About this item : Breakthrough Disposable Dehumidifier.

Consumable-free moisture absorption and heating .

Recyclable Wet weather tends to make microspaces such as wardrobes and shoe cabinets damp. Disposable dehumidifiers absorb moisture and are then discarded, resulting in wasted resources.

The Mini Cycle Dehumidifier uses non-consumable silica dehumidifying granules to absorb moisture. After the moisture absorption has reached saturation level, the dehumidifying granules can be heated and dried to restore the moisture absorption capacity, repeatedly absorbing moisture and recycling, saving time and effort. Usage.

1. This product does not need to be plugged in during use and should not be put in direct contact with water.

2. When this product is dry, the dry and wet state can be displayed in the window in orange, this is the working state, just place it in the place where you need to dehumidify.

3. When the product is full of moisture, the dry and wet state can be seen in the red window, then the product needs to be plugged in for about 1-3 hours, through heating to remove the moisture absorbed by the silica, until the viewable window back to blue display, can be used again.

4. When using the product for the first time, please check the colour of the moisture absorbing particles in the viewable window first, if it is red, please plug it in and heat it first to dry it back to blue, if it is blue, you can use it directly.

5. The speed and duration of moisture absorption of this product may vary depending on the environment, humidity and weather, and the speed of colour change of the moisture absorbing particles in the viewable window may also vary.

Product Advantages The body is only 16.8cm long, just the size of an iPhone 11, making it compact and space saving, and with a stand, it is not easy to roll off and is stable for dehumidification. With its small footprint, it can absorb moisture freely in even the most compact spaces and extends to multiple scenes: wardrobe/shoe cupboard. Storage boxes, bookshelves/bookcases, etc. Products information Item Dimensions: 2.17 x 2.17 x 6.61 in Item Weight: 0.97 lbs Package Dimensions: 2.28 x 2.28 x 6.7 in Package Weight: 1 lbs



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