180ML Everlasting Flower Aroma Diffuser Face Moisture


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180ML Everlasting Flower Aroma Diffuser Face Moisture Steamer Nano Mist Refresher Fragrance Air Humidifier 7 Colors LED Night Light

Item type:Eternal flower aroma diffuser
Working current:850-900mA
Product power:4.0-4.5W
Tank capacity:180mL
Product Include
1*Aroma diffuser
1*USB cord
1. A multifunctional aroma diffuser.
This diffuser combines various practical functions to make your room full of fragrance. It can emit pleasant fragrance and fine spray when in silent operation. Moreover, it is equipped with an intelligent power-off protection mechanism, two spray modes and several colorful night lights.
2. Eternal beauty.
The flowers in the lid are made of eternal flowers. These costly flowers will not wither while maintaining the softness and shape of the flesh flowers. They’re perfect decorations for the diffuser as well as your family.
3. Two in one design.
This diffuser enables you to enjoy pleasant fragrance and comfortable moisture at the same time. What you need to do is simply pour some water in the water tank and then add a few drops of essential oil.
4. More romance.
You can switch between two modes of night light to add a tinge of romance to the room. When used in conjunction with the spray, it can reduce your stress and relieve your fatigue.
5. Two spray modes.
We offers two different spray for you. When continuous spray is selected, the diffuser will continuously emits a spray for 12 hours until the water in the tank is depleted. When intermittent spray is chosen, the diffuser will emit spray every other 15 seconds, which enable it to have a longer duration of 24 hours.
6. Large-capacity water tank.
The water tank can store as much as 180ml of water so there’s no need for you to add water frequently. If you pour 180ml of water in the tank, the diffuser can be used for at least 12 hours per time.
7. Silent operation.
We adopt a mute fan at the bottom of the product so the spray blows out like a breeze without any noise. You can rest assured that it will cause no disturbance to your daily life.
8. Power-off protection.
It can detect water level in the tank automatically. When the water is insufficient, the power supply of the spray will be automatically cut off to prevent dry burning. You don’t have to worry about its safety when you’re in sound sleep.
9. More attractions.
Easy operation, no water splashing design, Type-C charging port, non-slip pad, etc. You can explore and find out more surprises yourself!
1. Plug in the power cord.
2. Open the lid.
3. Pour in some water.
4. Add a few drops of essential oil to water.
5. Close the lid and choose spray/light.
Note: ①Press light button once: 7 colors in rotation;
press light button twice: 1 fixed color;
press light button 3 times: warm color.
②Press spray button once:continuous spray mode;
press spray button twice:intermittent spray mode.
1. The amount of water that you pour in the tank should not exceed the max line.
2. Do not tilt the diffuser when there’s water in the tank, or the water may flow into inner electric circuit and cause damage.
3. If you don’t use the diffuser for a long time, pour out the remaining water to avoid breeding bacteria and affecting the service life of the atomizer plate.


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Hot Spray


Skin Mouisture


Eternal Flower Aroma Diffuser



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180ML Eternal Flower Aroma Diffuser


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