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If your eyes are only a fixed degree of myopia and have no other requirements, please place an order directly to purchase the corresponding fixed degree:-1.0/-1.5/-2.0/-2.5/-3.0/-3.5/-4.0/-4.5/-5.0
* If your eyes have (Cylinder/Cilindro),
* Or the two eyes have different degrees,
* Or you are senile myopia/hyperopia( – / + ),
* Or you need to add Anti Blue function to myopia or hyperopia lenses,
* If you have a doctor’s certificate, please show it to us!
* Provide your prescription remarks via instant message or order:
Right Eye Sphere: ______ (Cylinder: ______, Axial: ______, PD: ______, )
Left Eye Sphere: _______ (Cylinder: ______, Axial: ______,PD: ______, )
* Inserts VR Prescription Lenses for Oculus Quest 2/1 Rift S and Oculus Go
* High-Quality Lenses for a Premium VR Experience
* Available in 1.56-1.60 aspherical Lenses with anti-reflective coating.
* These lenses reduce glare so you can focus on the awe-inspiring visuals of the Oculus Quest.


1. What is included in my order?
You will receive prescription lenses in lens inserts, a storage bag, and a cleaning cloth.
The VR headset is not included.

2. How do I identify the right and left eye inserts?
Lens inserts come with “R” and “L” markings on the side so you won’t mix them up.

3. How long will it take?
Upon receiving your order, we will confirm your prescription and begin processing, which takes 1to 5 business days.


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Oculus Quest 2 Anti Blue

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Oculus quest 2 Anti Blue light

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