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Bullet Points:
1、printed polyester fabric PVC composite material, durable, beautiful and comfortable, compressive and wear-resistant, minus 25 degrees, cold resistant, easy to fold, space saving.
2、two inflatable nozzles, can be independently inflated, and the air on both sides will not be disordered. When you want to sleep, you can fully fill the air and fill the entire back seat space; or just fill the half of the air, it will be a perfect inflatable stool, relieve the tightness of the lower limbs and feet, and help relieve the pain in the back.
3、Easy to clean, you can wipe off the stain directly with a damp cloth or a wet tissue. It can be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is easy to carry and easy to use.
4、The parallel compression design plays a better fixing role, and the space is not disordered to ensure that the gap pad is stable and the surface is flat.
5、Scope of application: Universal design is suitable for more than 95% of the models. It is used for filling the rear seats of the car. After inflation, it forms a safe space in the rear seat. The long-distance co-driver or partner can sleep comfortably. Children can play freely on the air cushion. The chair fell down, safe and comfortable.

Name: Car Gap Pad Air Bed Cushion
Material: environmentally friendly PVC material
Color: sports blue, colorful grid, khaki
Weight: Approx.0.7KG
Load-bearing: Approx.100KG
After the gap pad is inflated: Approx.131*43*33CM
Folding size: Approx.42*29*6CM
Applicable: 95% of models universal
Inflating method: The lid is quickly filled and vented, and the lid can be directly blown with a lid. It can also be inflated with a manual or electric air pump that meets the diameter of the nozzle. After the inflation is completed, close the air plug. Release the two layers of air plug directly by deflation, and squeeze it by hand.

Made of polyester fabric PVC composite material, it is durable, beautiful and comfortable, compressive, wear-resistant, minus 25 degrees, cold resistant.
Scope of application: It is used for filling the rear seat of the car, and can be used as a back rest or stepping foot, which is safe and comfortable.

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Car Gap Pad Air Bed Cushion

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Car Air Inflatable Travel Bed


Car Inflatable Mattress


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