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The car phone holder is made of high quality ABS material, high strength, heat resistance and flame retardant.

Whether your phone is protected by the skin or the case, the car phone holder can be securely attached to your device so you can drive with confidence.

The stent needs to be a flat surface, but not necessarily a smooth surface.

Below the lever on the rubber part is a small piece that can hold the mounting surface loose,
and the 3M Super Crystal nano-material suction cup fits snugly against the instrument panel and can even be waxed or textured!

Easy to remove without leaving any annoying frustrations!

A two-stage safety lock on the base enhances the power of the suction cup. Locking the 3M suction cup requires only two steps

You can install the bracket freely from the following two options: Option 1: Use the bracket to assemble the viscous suction cup and use it as a dashboard. Option 2: Use the bracket to assemble the viscous suction cup and use it as a windshield.Can be used at home or in the office

The sponge cushion on the 2-side clamps, and the rubber pad on the bottom legs make this phone car mount anti-slide and wobble-free. Holding legs allow hassle-free charging for your cell phone.

Its arms stretch so you can not only move your phone higher or lower, but also closer to you or your passenger’s telescopic arm. The telescopic arm can be extended from 4.9 inches to 8.9 inches and can be rotated up or down for optimal viewing height. Prevent you from blocking your view while driving.

The mount is attached to the windshield or dashboard via a suction cup, allowing you to hold the phone without the need for any magnets. At the same time, it does not block your car vents. In addition to the super-stick gel pad, it also features a new two-step locking lever to ensure your installation is available on a variety of surfaces.

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Has Speaker


Model Number




Compatible Phone Model 1

For iPhone x 8 7 6 6s 5 5s SE

Compatible Phone Model 2

For Samsung Galaxy Note S9 8 S8 S7 S6 Edge Note

Compatible Phone Model 3

For Huawei P20 P10 P9 Xiaomi 6 5 5c 3 Redmi3 Pro

Usage 1

Windshield, Dashboard sticking or vent

Function 1

Car Phone Holder,Phone Holder

Function 2

Mobile Phone Holder Stand

Function 3

Holder Stand,Mount Holder

Function 4

hone Stand,Phone Holder,Car Holder

Usage 2

GPS Mobile Phone Holder


360 Degree Holder Stand,Universal Phone Holder


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