Effective O/X Type Leg Correction Band Belt


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Effective O/X Type Leg Correction Band Belt Bowed Legs Knee Valgum Straightening Posture Corrector Beauty Leg Band For Adults


1.Manually inflated air pump can add more pressure on the leg sides, easy to control with self operation for custom traction enjoyment and more obvious correction effect.
2.Detachable aluminum strips on both sides enable solid construct and reliable support without easy deformation, durable for long time use.
3.Three-in-one design with multi belts on different leg positions to enable more coverage and less dropping off risks, suitable for O or X leg correction.
4.Breathable PU leather with adhesive fastener strap allows custom tightness adjustment to perfect fit your legs and skin-friendly touch without hurting your skin, safe and comfortable for all season repeatedly long time use.


Material: PU Leather, TPU
Color: Blue+Grey(As Picture Shown)
Size: One Size, Suitable for Adults


About 1.5 hours a day for the first two weeks, mainly based on leg adaptation and cultivating habits and then gradually increase the tightness. After the adjustment, please keep using it more than 30 minutes each time and about 2 hours a day. The treatment cycle is about 2-3 months.

Package Included:

1* Straightening Correction Band Belt
2* Non-slip Knee Protection Pads


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Foot Care Tools


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Leg Correction Band




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