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Hot Compress Hands Relaxing Massager Mat Fingers Acupuncture Point Massager Soothe Muscles Reduce Wrist Pain Relive Hand Fatigue


Item type: Intelligent Hand Massager (standard/medium-end/high-end)
Internal material:Antibacterial and odor-proof fabric
Rated power:8W
Rated voltage:5V=1000mA
Working time:15 minutes each time
Battery capacity:1800/2200/2200 mAh
Charging time:1-1.5/1.5/1.5 hours
Times of use:6-8/ 7-9/ 7-9 times after fully charged

Product Include

1*Hand massager
1*USB cord


Solve your hand problems once and for all.

Hand health is of vital importance to us, but most of the time we neglect their maintenance. Rough hand skin, wrist pain, finger stiffness, hand fatigue…All these problems can be solved by our intelligent hand massager.

A massager of various functions.

To give you a better use experience, we have added as many functions as possible to this machine, including air compression, two modes for men and women respectively, hot compress, auto-timing, 3 intensities and wireless use.

Air compression massage.

This is a cutting-edge technology widely used in massagers. The airbags in the massager will generate alternating expansion and contraction, fully covering your fingers, palms and wrists. Its circulating massage can soothe the fatigued fingers. And its hard pressing can relieve discomfort of your palms and wrists.

2 genders and 3 intensities.

We have 2 pressing modes for men and women, and 3 intensities for different massage preferences. According to the size of your hand, you can choose small or large hand mode to fit the curve of your hand. Moreover, you can switch between 3 intensities to customize your massaging experience.

Hot compress.

The hot compress function can enhance the massaging effect, while providing better simulation of human hand. When used in conjunction with massage, it can effectively improve hand microcirculation and fully stimulate the hand acupuncture points.

Can be used with hand lotion

When our hand massager is used in conjunction with hand lotion, it can effectively promote nutrient absorption and make your hands smooth and tender. What you need to do is apply hand lotion and wear a pair of disposable gloves. And then, you can put your hand in the massager and enjoy.

Acupuncture point massage (for standard model only).

There are countless hidden bulge points in the interior compartment of the machine. They can massage acupoints to stimulate corresponding tissues and organs, thus promoting blood circulation, soothe muscles and reduce fatigue.

All-wrapped design (for high-end model only).

There are individual sections for each finger. They can tightly wrap every inch of your hand, leaving no massaging dead corner. When you stick your fingers in, it’s like putting on a thick pair of gloves. In addition, this design can massage the hand muscles more comprehensively and produce a more coordinated curative effect.


1.Put a hand in the machine, palm facing down.
2.Insert 5 fingers into each of the 5 holes in the machine (for high-end model only).
3.Long press switch to open the machine.
4.Press gender button to choose a gender.
5.Press intensity button to adjust intensity.
6.Press heat button to adjust temperature.
7.Note: If there’s no operation in 5 seconds after pressing the switch, the machine will automatically turn off.


1.Before use, please make sure that there are no jewelry(watch, ring, bracelet, etc) on your hands. These items can pierce or squeeze the airbags and cause a damage.
2.It is forbidden to use the massager for a long time. Normally the massaging time should not exceed 30 minutes.
3.Please do not use this product while driving.
4.Please do not use it after getting drunk or taking sleeping pills.
5.This product is specially designed as household electronic healthcare products. It is not suitable for diagnosis, treatment and other professional or commercial purposes.
6.Please keep this product away from water, fire and corrosive environment.
7.Please do not insert sharp objects into this product.
8.Please do not use when your hands are wet.
9.If the USB cord is damaged, stop using immediately and contact the product service center for maintenance. Do not disassemble the product at will.
10.If you feel uncomfortable during operation, please stop using in time.
11.Please do not wrap the product with towels, quilts and clothes when you are using it.

Standard and Medium-end Version Hand Massager

High-end Hand Massager


Additional information

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Item Type

Intelligent Hot Air Compress Hands Massager

Standard Model Only

Fingers Acupuncture Point Massager

High-end Model Only

All-wrapped Design Hands Massager


Auto-timing Hands Relaxation Massager


Wireless Hands Relive Fatigue Massager


Air Compression Fingers Palms Wrists Massager


Hot Compress Hands Massager


Circulating Massage Soothe Muscles


Hard Pressing Relieve Palm Wrist Discomfort


Hot Compress Massager Promote Blood Circulation


Reduce Palms Wrist Fatigue


Nourish Hands Smoothing Skin


For Houwsewrok Rough Hand Skin


For Officework Wrist Pain


Reduce Winter Fingers Stiffness


Relive Growing Old Hand Fatigue


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