Kitchen Knives Set 1-7PCS


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Product description:

1.Packaging include : 7CR17MOV 440C High Carbon Stainless Steel.
2. Blade Hardness: 58- 60 HRC.
3. Blade thickness: 2 mm.
4. Blade size: 20.3 cm/ 8 inch X 4.5 cm/ 1.8 inch.
5. Blade surface craft: Sanding Laser Pattern(note:not Real Damascus!)
6. Handle Material: High Quality Pakka Wood.


Additional information


Stainless steel





Knife Type

Chef Knives

Model Number

7cr17 440c

Product name

Professional 8 inch kitchen chef knife

blade material

7CR17MOV 440C High Carbon Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Rust Resistant

Blade hardness

58-60 HRC

Blade thickness


Blade surface craft

Sanding Laser Pattern (not Damascus)

Handle material

Pakka wood


chopping, slicing, paring, boning, carving,filleting,dicing,mincing

Knife mode

meat cleaver cutter cooking cutlery tool

Fit for

steak vegetables meat sushi fish fruit bread sashimi cheese


support for dropshipping

Knife Type 1

8 inch chef knife

Knife Type 2

7.5 inch kiritsuke knife

Knife Type 3

5 inch utility knife

Knife Type 4

5 inch santoku knife

Knife Type 5

3.5 inch fruit knife


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