Professional Air Compression Legs Massager


AU Plug 220-240VEU Plug 220-240VUK Plug 220-240VUS Plug 100-110V
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Professional Air Compression Legs Massager Hot Compress Legs Feet Massage Machine Pressotherapy Relax Muscle Blood Circulation


Item Type: Air Compression Legs Massager
Color: Dark Grey Heating Air Compression Legs Massager
Adapter: 100-240V~50-60Hz
Rated power: 24W ( heating pad rated power 5W )
Output: DC 12V/2A
Current: 0.8-2.0A
Weight: 1192g
Packet Weight:1880g

Product Include

1* Control panel
1* Adapter
2* foot massager wrap
1* Manual
1* Box


Cutting-edge technology.

Advanced air compression technology is used to made this air compression leg massager. Research has showed that this massager can effectively tackle the following problems: increasingly thick legs; sprain caused by high heels; leg edema; pain in the joints; discomfort in cold/rainy days; overdeveloped calf muscles.

Feel like hands.

We’re proud to boast our scientific simulation of hand. With this our massager can accurately massages each acupoint while giving you a comfortable massaging experience. Calf, ankle, heel and feet, our massagist always knows what you want and do what you need.

6 kinds of pleasure.

You can switch between 6 programs to enjoy different massages. Auto includes all programs; Relaxation is a lightly massage; Shiatsu means constant and effective massage; Kneading is from tiptoe to leg point and from weak to strong; Leg point includes “kneading” and “massage” on leg point; Foot point means “kneading” and “massage” on tiptoe and foot sole point.

360° wrapping.

We provide you with an all-round massage from toe to calf-it covers every area. This is way better than human massaging as you don’t have to worry about missing any acupoints. So just relax and enjoy.

Variable intensity.

There’re up to 3 optional massage strength for you to enjoy a personalized massage. The first gear is for relaxing-have a try and wash away your fatigue after hard work. The second gear is for soothing. It can effectively soothe your mind, relax your muscles and nourish your body. The third gear has powerful strength. This is a thorough massage and you’ll get all the effects you desire.

Additional heating function.

Massage can provide better effect when it is performed in conjunction with heating, and this is why we add this function to our massager. It helps to enhance the effect of massage, while making the massager more like human hands.

More humanized design.

The powerful velcro offers our massager adjustable size and strong stickiness, making it a lot more convenient to use. With a high-quality socket this product becomes more durable and can be used for an ultra-long time. Moreover, its low voltage enables everyone, even a child, to use it with ease.


Wrap the foot massager wraps tightly around your legs and foot.
Connect the adapter to the wraps and a power supply.
Long press the switch button to open, short press to adjust intensity.
Press program button to switch between 6 programs.
Press heat button to switch between low/high/none.


1. Hold the velcro and wrap from tiptoe to ankle to calf.
Press the velcro to fasten it to prevent loosening.
Follow “R” and “L” indication and wrap to your foot.


People who are receiving treatment or have the following symptoms should
consult a doctor before use.
1. People wearing a pacemaker or other in-vivo implantable electronic medical devices that are susceptible to electrical interference.
2. Patients with malignant tumors.
3. People with blood circulation disorders in their legs and feet.
4. Patients with heart disease.
5. People who have been denied the ability to identify temperature.
6. Pregnant women or those who have just completed delivery.
7. People with sensory impairment due to high peripheral circulation disorders such as diabetes.
8. People with osteoporosis, patients with spinal fractures, and acute painful diseases such as sprains or muscle strains.
9. People who are injured in the massage area.
10. People with a body temperature of 38°or higher (with fever, acute inflammatory conditions such as fatigue, chills, changes in blood pressure, etc.).
11. People who must be rested or unwell.
12. In addition to the above, people who feel particularly unwell.


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Massage & Relaxation







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Air Compression Legs Massager


Dark Grey Air Compression Legs Massager




Pneumatic Legs Feet Massager


Hot Compress Legs Feet Massager


360 Degree Wrapping Massager


Professional Skills Legs Massager


Air Wave Pressure Legs Massager


Heating Air Compress Legs Feetmassager


Legs Calf Slimming Massager


Feet Calf Massage Machine Relax Muscle


Leg Ankle Massage Machine


Blood Circulation Muscle Relaxation


Reduces Pain Relief Soreness


Professional Human Hands Mimicking Massager


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