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Ultrasound Ion Face Spatula Skin Scrubber Pores Deep Cleansing Massager Skin Lifting Blackhead Removal Facial Exfoliating Shovel
Item Type: Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Battery capacity:500mAh
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Using time: 1 hour(3 times a week, 15-20 minutes each time)
Input voltage:5V DC
Rated power:1.5W
4.3*17.1*1.4cm/1.7*6.7*0.6in (Face Spatula Skin Scrubber with Display Screen)
4.3*16.5*2.3cm/1.7*6.5*0.9in (Face Spatula Skin Scrubber without Display Screen)
Product Include
1*Main machine
1*USB cord
1.Solve a bunch of skin problems.
This skin scrubber is designed to solve nearly all skin problems that concern you most. If you have pimples all around face, increasingly darkened dark circles, dull skin with no luster or blackheads on nose, we highly recommend that you give it a try.
2.A variety of curative effects.
We combine different functions in this compact scrubber. It can be used to suck out blackheads, reduce acne, lift skin, soften cutin, balance grease secretion and smooth wrinkles.
3.Ultrasonic vibration technology.
Its high-frequency vibration can go deep into the pores to remove dirt, aging cells and corneum. The process begins with its atomizing water into small bubbles. Then the bubbles will be burst to generate a powerful shock wave to infiltrate into the gaps between skins. And finally, the stubborn dirt will be thoroughly removed.
4.Positive and negative ion technology.
The scrubber can generate ultrasonic superimposed ion currents with ions of electronic characteristics. Thus, the positive ions can promote blood circulation to decompose skin pigments, melanin and remove other detrimental ions. And the negative ions can enhance the ability of skin to absorb nutrients of cream and make skin full of vitality.
5.4 modes to suit different needs.
Cleaning mode, lifting mode, ion+ mode and ion- mode-you can use them separately, or use them in combination to achieve desired benefit. Cleaning mode is used to thoroughly clean your face; lifting mode can be used to lift your skin and smooth wrinkles; ion+ mode is the perfect choice when you want to get rid of all the detrimental ions on face; ion- mode will promote nutrients absorption and enhance the effect of skin care products.
6.Intimate designs.
There are still other designs that will definitely suits your need.
—The curved probe can better match your face contour and make the operating process more comfortable;
—The tight-fitting dust cover can protect the probe and avoid dust;
—The ultra-slim body makes the scrubber compact and portable for trip;
—The smart auto-off function enable the machine to automatically shut down after 10 minutes of no operation to prevent overuse;
—The one-button operation enables users to finish all operating steps with one button.
—3D stainless steel probe: we adopt high-quality stainless steel to make the probe, making it much more durable and bringing the user a more comfortable using experience.
1.Clean face and apply skin care product.
2.Long press power/mode button to open machine.
3.Short press the button to choose a mode.
4.Move the probe on face to start.
1.If you have wounds or other abnormal conditions on skin or body, please stop using immediately.
Children are not allowed to use this machine.
2.When user conducts cleaning or maintenance for the machine, please shut down the machine and pull out the power plug first, then conduct the operation in shutdown condition.
3.Please do not use the machine near flammable materials ( such as ethyl alcohol, gasoline, nail polish remover, spray, etc ).
4.Please do not immerse the machine in water or flush it directly with water.
5.Please use the matched charging cord provided by factory, so as to ensure that the voltage conforms to product parameters.
6.Please clean the machine in time after using so as to avoid accumulation of grease and other dirt.
Effect and Fuction of Face Spatula Skin Scrubber

Face Spatula Skin Scrubber with Display Screen

Face Spatula Skin Scrubber without Display Screen

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Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Manufacturing Process

Machine Made

Working Principle

Vibration Massage

Commodity Quality Certification




Item Type

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Facial Shovel


Facial Deep Cleansing Beauty Device


Ultrasound High-Frequency Vibration Massager


Facial Skin Scrubber Blackhead Removal


Face Spatula Dead Skin Remover


Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Exfoliating Machine


Ultrasonic Vibrating Massager Pores Dirts Cleaning


Face Skin Tightening Anti Wrinkle Massager


Facial Shovel Skin Lifting Firming Massager


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