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1. Cycling Cap

①. Product Description :

1)There are two styles of this hat. One is the normal style, and the other is the eyeglass hole style.
2)Hat material: The surface is made of Lycra waterproof fabric, and the inside is made of polar fleece warm fabric.
3)Weight: 36g ( ±1g ).
4)Hat depth: 14cm ( ±1cm ).
5)Hat length: 29 cm * 18 cm ( ± 1cm ).
6)Suitable head size: 55cm-65cm (can be stretched).
7)The characteristics of the hat: it can be used with glasses or with a helmet. You can keep your earmuffs warm. It has wind resistance, high elasticity and warmth retention.

②. Style and Color

③. Products Show

Inside:100% Polar Fleece, Four needles and six threads

1)Ear warm design

The ear wrap design makes the ear protection warmer.

The ears are lengthened and the edges are closed, so you can enjoy warmth during exercise.

2)All hats have a reflective tape on the back

It will make you safer when you go out at night.

3)The glasses hole of the glasses hole style hat also has a reflective effect

Eyeglass hole design, easy to use.

Reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose and make wearing more comfortable.

④. Product Fabric :

1)High elastic fabric

The fabric is highly elastic.

Can be stretched freely and will not be tight when worn.

2)Surface waterproof fabric

The surface is made of Lycra waterproof fabric, which has good elasticity and warmth retention, soft fabric.

Skin-friendly and comfortable, high color fastness.

3)Polar fleece warm fabric inside

Polar fleece fabric thickens and keeps warm.

Has the characteristics of rapid temperature accumulation and can lock the temperature.

⑤. Product Features :

1)Hygroscopic and breathability

Moisture absorbing and breathable, comfortable.

The fabric has excellent breathability and can evaporate the sweat and cold air formed on the head.

2)Fine workmanship

The stitches are neat and durable.

Precision stitching, suiting, comfort.

3)Easy to carry

Soft, convenient and easy to store.

To help you cope with the unpredictable weather of long-distance riding.

⑥. Wide applicability

Simple and durable, wide applicability.

Outdoor activities in winter can keep warm.

⑦. Model show

2. Face Mask

1)Product Description

● Product name : Winter Cycling Face Mask Balaclava Bandana Scarf Men Women Running Hat Skiing Motocycle Riding Hiking MTB Bike Headwear
● Weight : 73g (±1g).
● Material : 97.8% polyester brazing, 2.2% spandex.
● Fabric : Stretch high-density polar fleece.
● Size : 38cm * 25.5cm.
● Product function : Comfortable to wear, thickened to keep warm and cold.

2) Mutifunctional Balaclava Face Mask

Face Mask Balaclava Bandana Scarf

3)Comparison of our Face Mask with other ordinary Face Masks :

① Integrated design

● Our products adopt integrated design. Through the human body morphology, and according to the different morphological structure, we designed this riding Face Mask suitable for many people.

● Other common Face Masks use multi-polarization design. The design features are scattered, the workmanship is rough, and it does not conform to the human shape.

② Scalability

● Our products have good scalability, which can perfectly match your face shape.

③ Size comparison

● Our Face Mask: The thickness of the four layers is 26 mm, so the thickness of each layer is 6.5 mm.

● Other ordinary Face Mask: The thickness of four layers is 10 mm, so the thickness of each layer is 2.5 mm.

④ Fabric contrast :

● The fabric of our Face Mask: using polar fleece thermal fabric, soft and comfortable texture, cold resistance, long-lasting warmth.

● Other ordinary Face Mask fabrics: use ordinary cotton fabrics, which are thin in thickness, rough in texture and poor in warmth retention.

⑤ Sewing process comparison

● The edge of our Face Mask: flat tailoring process without any wrinkles.

● Other ordinary Face Mask edges: rough tailoring process, with obvious wrinkles.

3. C0207

● Weight : 52g
● Material : Polar fleece fabric
● Size : 37 cm * 27 cm.
● Product function : Multifunctional wear,comfortable to wear, thickened to keep warm and cold.

1)Product Display


3)Polar fleece fabric

● Polar fleece thermal fabric, soft and comfortable texture, cold resistance, long-lasting warmth.

4)Hemming design

● Attention to details makes it inconvenient to deform and more comfortable to wear. And the unique craft design makes it more fashionable.

5)Fine craftsmanship

● Each seam adopts a seaming process to make it stronger and more durable.

6)Wide applicability

● Simple and durable, wide applicability.Outdoor activities in winter can keep warm.

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