20 in 1 Camp Survival Gear


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Are You Prepared To Survive The Kind Of Threat?

Cool Unique Gifts for Men like camping and hiking outdoor travel.

This is also a very good survival box for you to teach teenager about survival ability.


PREPARED FOR ANY EMERGENCY – The multi-purpose survival gear kits contains everything you need when there is any emergency situation occurs like natural disaster or wilderness adventure; perfect companion to help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you’re hiking, camping, hunting, Fishing, backpacking, travel.

7-in-1 spoon spork

    This is a upgrade knife, exactly accord with the rules, do not have any customs problem, you can get it 100% successfully 🙂

What is included in packages

1x Folding Survival knife
1 x Wire saw
1 x Flashlight ( AA battery excluded )
1 x Tactical selfdefense pen
1 x Scrapter
1 x Survival bracelet
1 x Emergency thermal blanket
1 x Pocket bellow,
1 x Snowflake multi-tool,
1 x Whistle
1 x Saber card,
1 x Bottle clip
2 x Carabiner
1 x Signal mirror
1 x Multi-use spoon fork

1 x Waterproof box

4pcs x Alcohol pad
2pcs x Gauze swab
10 pcs x Band-Aid

Please note: there are 2 sku: “no knife”and “with knife”, if your Customs forbidden knife, please select sku “no knife”.

Please note:
As mailing range, there are no flint stone in packages !

Quality compare

We offer the best survival box with best quality !

Our signal mirror or other tools are more better than others:
Others: 12g 51mm*38mm
Ours: 33g 57mm*57mm


Additional information

Brand Name





First Aid Kits

Product name

Emergency Camp Gear survival box

Survival kit 1

SOS Flashlight ( 3 function)

Survival kit 2

Self-defense Tactical pen

Survival kit 3

Folding survival knife

Survival kit 4

thermal emergency blanket

Survival kit 5

Water Bottle Clip

Survival kit 6

Multifunctional Saber Card

Survival kit 7

Wire saw

Survival kit 8

7 in 1 spoon fork

Survival kit 9

Pocket bellow

Survival kit 10

upgraded Tough Survival box

Survival kit 11

Bottle opener and 50mm ruler

Survival kit 12

multifunction survival bracelet wristband

Survival kit 13

2 x Carabiner

Survival kit 14

Signal mirror with whistle

Survival kit 15

Snowflake multi-tool

Survival kit 16

Multi-use spoon fork / spork

Survival kit 17

2 x Alcohol pad

Survival kit 18

2 x Gauze swab

Survival kit 19

5 x Band-Aid

Survival kit 20

A mesh bag ( packed all tools ASAP)

Survival camping gear

Survival camping kit

Outdoor survival kit military

Survival kit outdoor multitool

Camping equipment

Survival tool outdoor

Hunting equipment

Camp survival tool

Surviving kit

Tactical Emergency Kit


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