Smart Electric Eye Massager

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1. Skin-friendly and easy-to-clean protein cortex. The eye care device will be contaminated with oil and sweat after a long time, and it is too dirty to use. The protein skin we use ensures comfort while being skin-friendly and easy to clean, preventing eye allergies and infections
2. Multi-frequency vibration + smart airbag massage, using different vibration frequencies to massage, imitate human hands to massage, fit the acupoints, and drive the muscles around the eyes to relax
3. Multifunctional massage, can relieve dry eyes, remove dark circles, smooth crow’s feet, and eliminate ocular edema
4. 40-42 degrees Celsius warm compress, continuous warm compress, penetrate deep into the skin, relax the tight eye muscles, it is more comfortable than applying a hot towel.
5. Graphene heating material, rapid heating, with the extremely strong stability of graphene, so that the eye protector will not be hot and cold.
6. Multi-frequency vibration and hot compress function can be used with eye cream to improve the absorption of eye cream and enhance the beauty effect
7. It can be connected with the mobile phone Bluetooth, it will not delay you listening to music, studying, listening to the news during massage, which can save more time to rest
8. Smart LED display, one-key switching of multiple modes, a more intuitive interactive experience, and a more portable operation
9. 15 minutes of scheduled shutdown, just one break time, put into life and work in a fuller state
10. The 180°folding can be put into the backpack at any time, can be used anytime, anywhere, suitable for any occasion


Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 5W
Product size: 21cm*8cm*3cm

Smart eye massager, new technology for eye protection

One-key opening, voice prompt, automatic timing, smart air pressure, warm compress, multi-frequency vibration

Protein skin eye protection fabric

Easy to clean, not afraid of getting dirty, skin-friendly skin will not be allergic

Eye massage can be performed anytime and anywhere if the eyes are tired

Multi-frequency vibration and smart airbag, imitating the human method to massage

Use different frequencies to vibrate acupuncture points for a high-tech eye care

Restore bright eyes and glow

Relieve dry eyes, remove dark circles, eliminate ocular edema, and smooth crow’s feet

A warm compress is more comfortable than a hot towel

Continue to apply heat to penetrate deep into the skin and relax the tight eye muscles

Graphene heating material

Graphene has strong stability, so that you will not be hot and cold, and maintain a constant temperature.

Accelerate the absorption of eye cream and strengthen the beauty effect

Under the effect of multi-frequency vibration massage and hot compress, it not only promotes muscle relaxation, but also can be used with eye cream to improve absorption

Intelligent LED display, more intuitive interactive experience, bringing more portable operation

Bluetooth connection, do not delay listening to music and learning

15 minutes automatic timer

Just take a break to work in a better state

180° folding, easy to carry

You can relax your eyes anytime, anywhere, suitable for any occasion

Best gift for family and friends


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